Research & Development

Research & Development has been one of the primary focus of the Society since its inception in 1820. The Society encourages research activities which are relevant and are of primary interest of the horticulturists. It promotes research, education and development of horticulture in India.

The Society facilitates M. Sc. and B.Sc. students of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Microbiology from various Universities across India to pursue their projects in the Society’s R&D department under supervision of eminent scholars in the field of Horticulture. The Society also extends all kinds of assistance to the students so that they come up with some path breaking developments in the sphere of Horticulture.  

The Society holds seminars and conferences from time to time to disseminate knowledge on all new developments in the sphere of Horticulture. The Society devoted much time and energy in Research & Development Activities for improvement of horticultural crops such as high yielding fruits, vegetables, flowering, medicinal and ornamental plants since last century.

The Society primarily conducts Research & Development Activities in 2 areas:



      Production of Banana Through Tissue Culture, R&D, AHSI 



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