Training & Courses

At AHSI we offer a range of training and courses for individuals with an interest in plants, gardening, garden designing and propagation. For past 196 years, AHSI has been imparting training courses which have opened a new horizon for the nature lovers to pursue their career in the domain of Horticulture. Undergoing training sessions with us, students become horticulturists who have excellent knowledge and are hugely respected within the horticultural industry.

AHSI has evolved as an important center of dissemination of knowledge of plants, flowers and fruits which are rich in environmental and economic value. The Society holds a One Year Training Couse which is affiliated with the University of Calcutta. Apart from that the Society also hosts a range of Short Courses on Home Gardening, Herbal Medicinal Plants, Bonsai Culture, Ikebana Style Floral Decoration, Mushroom Growing and Roof Gardening. The Society on popular demand has also introduced the Advanced Courses of Bonsai Culture and Ikebana. 

Workshops are also organized to create awareness amongst the general public. The Society’s Library has a good collection of books on horticulture and allied subjects.


Training Session at AHSI


View our One Year Course (Accredited by Calcutta University) and Several Short Term Courses.

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