• 199 Annual General Meeting-22-Dec-2018

    KOLKATA 700027

    Notice is hereby given that the 199th Annual General Meeting of the Society for the year ended 31 March 2018 will be held on Saturday, 22 December, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. at Central Lawn within the premises of the Society

    By Order
    Col Pratul Pandit (Retd)

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  • House Plant Show

    With the advent of urbanized living in multi storied building, there is a growing demand for potted plants for house decoration. In late 1963, the House Plant Show was introduced to give importance to plants which are utilized for House decoration. Slowly & steadily, this has grown to a much appreciated competition where people can learn about different plants which can be domesticated to beautify their home.
    Moreover, we have Workshop sessions to educate, explain, discuss and have Interactive Session for people to learn more about these plants and different method of nurturing them.
    The Society always takes the liberty to involve young growers. In this Show, there is a Section, where school children can exhibit plants grown by them as well as we have a debate competition based on Environment and related topics.

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  • Winter Flower Show

    The Winter Flower Show is held in the month of January. This event is organized to primarily showcase Chrysanthemum along with Rose, Dhalia and Gladiolas. This show is organized mainly to give enough growing time to Winter Annuals. Chrysanthemum in Kolkata is at its prime round in the later part of December to mid-January. This Event was launched sometime in the early 60s and is continued till date by the Society with same enthusiasm and zeal. During this Show, the school children are involved and they actively participate in the exhibition. They display their floral decoration as well as they participate in the Sit & Draw competition based on Nature.

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  • Annual Flower Show

    The Annul Flower Show organized by the Society is the World’s oldest Flower Show in existence. Since the early part of 1828, ever year (barring 1940), this competition has been taking place as a prominent fixture of Kolkata’s happening. This is a gala event where around 2000 entries and 16,500 exhibits including edible vegetable are on display. First Annual Exhibition of vegetables was held on 9th January, 1828 in the rooms of the Asiatic Society under the auspices of the then President of the Society Mr. W. Leycester. Prizes were given to encourage the farmers. Potatoes, the long clean and thin skinned vegetable, called by the natives “Batavi Aloo” were the main attraction of the Show. The Medal and Rupees Forty was given to the man for best specimen. Along with Potato, Peas, Cauliflower, Sugar leaf cabbage, Drumhead cabbage, Broccoli, Knol-khol, Red beet, Turnip, Capsicum, Long cylindrical Brinjals, Turnip, Radish, Watger Cress were displayed in the Show.

    At present the Show is equipped with Plants, Shrubs, Succulents, Cactus, Orchids, Bonsai, Vegetables, Uprooted Vegetables, Seasonal Flowering & Non Flowering plants, Annuals, Cut Flowers, Fruits, Medicinal Plants etc. Besides this, North East States like Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh etc takes part in the Show with their exotic Orchids and other plants, species which helps the people of Kolkata to collect the Orchids and others with minimum effort.

  • World Environment Day- 5th June

    AHSI celebrates World Environment Day every year on 5th June. On The World Environment Day the Society organizes tree planting programs with school children enthusiastically participating in the program. The Society organizes quiz competition on nature for the school children. Apart from that the Society also hosts various workshop and functions to commemorate the World Environment Day.

  • Summer Garden Competition

    The Summer Garden Competition is organized to attract participation from the private garden owners as well as public reputed garden. These competitions are organized to infuse awareness and interest amongst the common masses.

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  • Birthday Celebration of Rev. Dr. William Carey- 17th August

    AHSI observes and celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Rev. Dr. William Carey on 17th August. Special programs are organized every year to pay a tribute to the founder father of the society.

  • Members’ Meet

    Members’ Meet is held every year to explore various avenues of progress for the Society. Different strategies are discussed and adopted for the betterment of the Society which is a part of Kolkata's heritage. Innovative ideas are put forth by the members based on which unanimous decisions are taken by the Council.

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