Short Courses

The Agri Horticultural Society offers short courses training programs on the areas like roof gardening, herbal medicinal plant, home gardening, ikebana, bonsai, and mushroom.

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N.B: Day, Time and Course Fee may alter time to time.

Apart from “One Year Certificate course in Horticulture” and “ Short Courses”, tailor made courses on “Horticulture and Gardening”, Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables”, “Dehydration of Flowers” are being conducted from time to time on request from different Organizations.

The Herbal Garden of the Society has been the focus area for learning the method of plant collection and identification.The Society also helps in preparation of Herbarium sheets by school and college students as per their syllabus. The Society has developed a Medicinal Plant Garden for ex-situ conservation of herbal medicinal plants for public awareness, education and training and culture of medicinal plants for the emerging trend of the health care system. For maintaining the “Bhesaj Udyan” a generous grant was received from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.